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Last time, I shared about my time at RWA and New York City.

Today, I’m here to share a bit about my second jaunt to the Big Apple for a long weekend. Since this trip didn’t involve any work, I was able to relax a lot more. Even though I didn’t speak at RWA, I was slightly intimidated being in the room with so many authors. It’s hard to battle the introvert in me sometimes.

This post, though, is about my fun weekend, so let’s get to it.

First up: the birth place of Theodore Roosevelt. This trip was a last-second decision, so I really had no idea where we were staying until we arrived at the apartment. While doing a search of things to do near me, Teddy’s home popped up. I felt rather foolish since this wasn’t my first time to NYC and I love history, but I didn’t know he was actually born in the city.

Even though it popped up on my map of things to do nearby, it wasn’t all that close to our location. No matter. I still decided to walk there, which was thirty-something blocks. I much prefer walking when exploring to get a true sense of the place.

I didn’t take any photos inside while doing a tour of the house, which was free, but I snapped some of his quotes in the museum portion of the house. (No one was there to witness this, although I do think photos are allowed.)

That night, we took in a Red Sox vs. Yankees game. The Sox got two runs in the first, and the Yanks got a grand slam, which was cool to see live. After that, no one scored. Meaning we didn’t stay for the whole game.

The next day, I took off for another walk to visit Central Park and St. Patrick’s Cathedral before having a late breakfast at Mom’s Kitchen & Bar. Then I met up with the better half to catch an afternoon show of Chicago.

Central Park pics:

St. Patrick’s pics:


Random photos during my wanderings:

That night, I met up with Lori Prince, who has narrated two series for me: The Chosen One and Confessions. For some inexplicable reason, I didn’t get a snap with Lori.

The next day, we had a mellow brunch at an Irish pub while watching a Gaelic Football match on the telly, which I hadn’t seen since living in Ireland. It made me miss Dublin.

Late that afternoon, we were back on the train heading home.

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  1. Delaney says:

    I did a study abroad in Ireland. It was my third time there. Each time I fall more in love with it, I’m ready to move back! This post just made me miss Dublin more.

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