Is it weird that cemeteries inspire me?

My last post was about going to Fenway to do research for a book. But that’s not always possible.

When penning Confessions from the Heart, the prequel to the Confessions series, the two characters go to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a place I’d never been to even though I’d lived in Boston for a handful of years. I combed through photos and descriptions online, but a part of me always wondered if I’d gotten it right.

Now that I’m back in Massachusetts, I decided to walk in the footsteps of my characters. Starting in Harvard Square, I walked along Brattle Street on my way to the cemetery.

The directions only involved traversing Brattle Street, but I’m directionally challenged. And it was hot outside, meaning I kept checking my map on my phone to see if I’d overshot it. I hadn’t. Good thing I packed plenty of water.

Finally, I made it.

My first thought was the place was impressive. More than impressive.

I paid a dollar for a map of the grounds. Don’t worry, though. I still got lost many times, living up to my inability to follow directions, and I had a good chuckle when I couldn’t find Narcissus Path on the map. Does that mean I’m not one or…?

I wandered around for a few hours and barely covered half of the place. Meaning, I need to go back to explore. Have I ever mentioned I love wandering through cemeteries? It’s kinda an odd thing to admit, but seriously, this place is beautiful.


Audiobook Giveaway

To celebrate finally seeing the cemetery in real life, I’m running an audiobook giveaway for Confessions from the Heart. If you’re a US or UK Audible listener, email me at with Confessions from the Heart Audiobook Giveaway in the subject line. In the body of the email, let me know if you have access to the US or UK store. The giveaway ends on November 6th.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to the cemetery and soon, because while there, a different story started to come to my mind. And, I’m pretty sure a scene or two will take place there. I have no idea why cemeteries inspire me so, but they do.

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