Girl Love Happens



Two college roommates are about to discover how awkward and sexy coming out can be.

Colorado, 1992. Tegan entered her freshman year of college with an open mind. As she tries to cope with a long-distance relationship, Tegan realizes it may not be the miles pulling her apart from her boyfriend. It may be her confusing feelings for her new roommate, Gemma. But when an innocent back rub turns into her first girl-on-girl make-out session, she isn’t sure if she’s ready for the world to know she’s attracted to women.

Gemma knows who she is, but she doesn’t expect Tegan to shout from the rooftops about their new relationship status. With the prying eyes of friends and jealous rivals, however, secrets may not stay hidden for long.

If you like tumultuous love stories, simmering chemistry, and colorful casts of characters, then you’ll love this first installment of T.B. Markinson’s smart, sexy series about coming-of-age as a lesbian in the 1990s.

This expanded edition of Girl Love Happens: Season One contains the episodes previously published as Girl Love Happens: Prequel.



Tegan and Gemma are about to discover how complicated growing up can be.

Colorado, 1993. Tegan wants her second year of college to be drama-free. But a case of blackmail forces Tegan to take extreme measures. After attempting to eliminate potentially damaging evidence, Tegan gets embroiled into one crisis after another that could destroy her relationship with Gemma.

Ever-loyal Gemma tries to be Tegan’s rock, but can she keep her green-eyed monster in check and help Tegan navigate the tricky waters that threaten their relationship bliss?



After accidentally coming out to her mother, Tegan’s life is turned upside down.

While Tegan’s mother struggles with the lesbian declaration, her father confides in Tegan about a secret he’s been keeping her entire life.

It’s not solely family drama that has Tegan pulling her hair out. Her friends are spiraling, one in particular with dire consequences. If that’s not enough, Tegan’s job is threatened by a conman and a cop trying to recruit Tegan into a leadership role at the university.

Whoever said college was the best years of your life never had to come out in a state determined to strip basic human rights from the LGBTQ community.