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The Melting of Lady Grey

It’s been a while since I shared some photos of Lady Grey on the blog. I have to admit she’s one of the strangest cats I’ve ever met. For the first month or so, she scared the crap out of … Continue reading

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How Many Times Have You Been There?

One of my absolute favorite places to visit in Massachusetts is The House of the Seven Gables in Salem. And, I fully admit I’ve paid to tour the house on more than one occasion. Actually, when I met up with … Continue reading

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Making New Memories

One of my favorite places in Massachusetts is Concord. Not only is the downtown area so quaint, with fun shops, but the city oozes with history. Whenever I get a chance, I visit, but during Covid, this wasn’t really possible. … Continue reading

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Perfect Ending To My Birthday

Recently, we hopped in a car and drove to Provincetown for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. Every time we drive to the tippy-top of the cape, I’m reminded how long the drive is. When I first moved to Massachusetts … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Mean That!

One of the banes of a writer’s life are typos. Some of my typos are a result of bad habits, like when I write back in forth. For some reason, I always type it out that way, instead of back … Continue reading

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I Have Some Work To Do

We just passed a milestone in the TBM household. Lady Grey has been living here for six months, and while I prepped a celebratory meal, she sat me down for my review. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of the Beach

For as long as I can remember, bodies of water have soothed me. Perhaps this is a result of growing up in Southern California. For many years, when adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, … Continue reading

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Creature of Habit

I love this time of year. January is over (hate that month and February isn’t much better), and daylight is stretching out. For the majority of the year, I go for a long walk at the end of my work … Continue reading

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That Time I Had an Obnoxious Neighbor

In The Setup, Rory shares a story about collecting discarded plants to build a plant wall on her deck to block out an annoying neighbor. This is actually based on something that happened in my real life. When I moved … Continue reading

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How Many Sausages Can I Cram into This?

During one of the scenes in A Woman Trapped, Lizzie has an Instacart misfire. This incident was kinda based on one of my own ordering mishaps. Way back in another lifetime, early April 2020, I downloaded the Instacart app since … Continue reading

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