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Lady Grey Wishes You a Happy Valentine’s Day

Before I get to Lady Grey, I just wanted to mention, if you click on the image above, you’ll be taken to a page to download two free books. A Woman Complete, Book 7 in the Lizzie series, and Letters … Continue reading

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How Many Sausages Can I Cram into This?

During one of the scenes in A Woman Trapped, Lizzie has an Instacart misfire. This incident was kinda based on one of my own ordering mishaps. Way back in another lifetime, early April 2020, I downloaded the Instacart app since … Continue reading

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Are Mohawks Back In Style?

I have terrible hair. It’s super thin and dull brown, although gray is quickly overtaking the brown strands. I’ve never been able to style my hair the way I want it. Even professionals have tossed their hands up in defeat. … Continue reading

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The Long Stare

One of the things I love about cats is their attitude. No one can throw shade as well as a cat. I mean the Better Half does a decent job when she notices another gnome (to understand this, click here … Continue reading

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I’ve Picked Up an Odd Hobby During COVID

So, I have a confession. 2020 has done it’s best to stamp out any hint of happiness in my life, and it’s almost been successful. But I’ve been doing my best to fight the darkness by shrouding myself in silly … Continue reading

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Her Name is What, and How is it Spelled?

There are two facts you should know about me: I have atrocious spelling skills. (This sequence of words took a few attempts before spellcheck could figure out what I was trying to write.) I’m really bad with names. These two … Continue reading

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Who do you believe?

I have few needs in life. I love silly cartoon T-shirts (usually Disney or Peanuts and the occasional funny history quote). Hot showers every night before bed. And, to be fed every few hours. During the summer, I volunteered to … Continue reading

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Trying to Hold onto a Semblance Normalcy

This has been a weird year, and the news seems to get even more depressing, making it hard to stay sane. Or even semi-sane. Some days, I end up binging on ice cream while watching Disney movies to avoid going … Continue reading

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Will Ten Cents Land Me in Jail?

If you listen to the Lesbians Who Write podcast, you’ll know I’m truly awful when it comes to math. Side note, when I agreed to cohost with Clare Lydon, I didn’t factor in how many times I’d have to do … Continue reading

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I’m Never Wrong

I grew up back in the olden days, when we didn’t have a VCR until mid-childhood. I also remember getting our first microwave. I’m still not sure how I survived without either, but the latter drastically changed my life since … Continue reading

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